Synergy Restaurant Management, Inc


What We Do

We reduce costs in every area of chain restaurant product purchase and outside services, while maintaining or enhancing quality. Our industry expertise, purchasing leverage and time-tested methodologies produce sustainable, efficient, lean cost structures.  Quality and service levels are either maintained or improved in the process.  We achieve the impossible.

Why We’re Different

Lettuce FieldOur experience in prosperous spend management, supplier management, procurement strategies, deep market knowledge and purchasing leverage allows our clients to reach peak performance.  We work with 90% of your spend from produce and protein to grease traps, credit card processing to banking and insurance, linen to ware washing chemicals.

How Much Will You Save

Since 2008, we have saved our clients millions of dollars, increasing Profits 1-3% of Sales by managing 90% of Purchase Costs.  We’re champions of your bottom line.